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"Important structures need important and accurate structural and foundation decisions!"

Q Systems Engineering LLC is a unique Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Consulting company.

With over 40 years of experience, Q Systems Engineering works on geotechnical and structural design, bridge engineering, modeling, integrated soil-structure systems under static and dynamic loads, high performance concretes, dams, embankments, abutments, wind turbine towers, and other structures.

Our staff has authored more than 80 technical papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings on the analysis and design of concrete structures and bridges, foundations, and retaining walls, bearing capacity of shallow and deep foundations, finite element analysis of elastic and inelastic materials, structural controls, the behavior of concrete and geomaterials, FRP reinforced structures, and dynamic soil-structure interactions.

What is Geotech Master™

Geotech Master™ is our latest software tool to help you develop reliable Geotechnical Reports and evaluate the geotechnical recommendations of others.

If you are a Geotechnical Engineer, Geotech Master™ SHOULD be your calculator.

If you are a Structural Engineer, Geotech Master™ HELPS YOU check and understand the level of conservatism of the geotechnical report that you have received.


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Services provided by Q Systems Engineering, LLC

Q Systems Engineering provides Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Analysis and Design Services, Engineering Instruction, and Specialized Software Development to fit your needs. 

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