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Broomfield CO, USA   


About Q Systems EngineeringGeotechnical Report of building by Q Systems Engineering LLC  LLC

Q Systems Engineering is a Structural and Geotechnical Engineering consulting firm.   We provide Engineering Services, Technical Training, and Engineering Software.


  • Forensic Engineering
  • Design of Mining Infrastructure
  • Design, Evaluation, and Health Monitoring of Bridges
  • Design of Self-Consolidating and High Performance Concretes
  • Design, Health Monitoring, and Evaluation of Wind Turbine Towers
  • Design of MSE and Soil Nail Walls
  • Design of Concrete Retaining walls
  • Design of Foundations and Structures under Seismic Loads


We provide in-house training in Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Analysis, and Concrete Design.  We customize our presentations to fit your specific needs.


  • We are the developers of Geotech Master™, which is designed to help you develop your own geotechnical reports or evaluate geotechnical reports developed by others.
  • We also develop customized INTUITIVE software to address your needs.  We can develop spreadsheets using standard software such as MS Excel.  We also develop software with advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI), to allow more efficient training of your employees and a quicker turnaround.